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little_logo Our nurseries are located in Pistoia, a city in the heart of Tuscany a region of agricultural heritage, rich in the tradition of cultivation of many botanical species. The nursery production could be evolve thanks to a group of factors that did our reality so unique. The climate has played an important role with warm and dry summers and cold winters that allow the plants to adapt to conditions which are very diverse or even hostile compared to those of their original environment.

little_logo Another important effect done by the climate is the naturally fisiological “extra-growing season” in september that allow to obtain really bushy plants.

little_logo Another key factor is the rich and humid earth composed of lime, sand, and clay. This earth is particularly suitable to the cultivation and digging; the digging out is helped by this soil and the plants doesn’t suffer big stresses during the trasport to their finally destination that could be very long, thanks to this we have great transplantion success with customer and producer satisfaction. The effective development of these natural resources is due in large part to the excellent commercial skills and teamwork of the people involved,people who have contributed with their passion for this job to the great success and reputation that Pistoia enjoys today.

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