F.A.Q. – Frequently asked questions

F.A.Q. – Frequently asked questions


When should I come? What is the best period of the year?

A: You can come when you want, you will always find someone ready to help you. The best periods are autumn and February because, in these moments, the nursery is organised and the selling season has not started yet.
However visiting the nursery is always a good idea no matter the period!

I have no time, I’m very busy…how can I come to Pistoia?

A: We know how difficult it is for a businessman to find some time to spend in Pistoia. We are businessmen as well and we find the time to visit our colleagues because it is an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions and a good occasion to find out new companies and products. So finding the time is possible!
Usually a week-end is enough for a visit. You can plan your stay when you prefer, the only thing you have to do is informing us about your visit 2 or 3 days in advance and we’ll help you to find a nice accommodation.

Is arriving in Pistoia difficult?

A: Actually getting to Pistoia is very easy. You can reach our city by plane landing in both Pisa and Florence and we’ll be glad, if you want, to fetch you from the airport to our nursery.
You can also come by car and if you choose this option, you will have the possibility to travel through Northern Italy: an area full of amazing landscapes and wonderful art cities. Such an exciting trip!

Will I see interesting products?

A: We have a medium-sized business and this characteristic is an important strong point. Ghelardeschi Piante is an historic firm of the nursery sector of Pistoia: our activity of plant growers opened in 1955 and it continues to be led with passion.
We work aiming to produce high quality plants and our philosophy always focuses on the customers, indeed we always try to offer them the best service possible.
The objective of Ghelardeschi Piante is creating a solid and long-lasting business relationship with our purchasers, who must be followed and suggested.
We know very well that confidence has to be gained!

Will the visit be boring?

A: Visiting a nursery is never boring, on the contrary it is a pleasant and relaxing experience that we suggest you have.
You will be our welcome guests and you will have the possibility to enjoy the amazing cooking and the finest Tuscan wines: we will do our best to make you feel at home!
During your stay I will be very glad to show you our nursery and I will make you the protagonists of the visit meeting your needs and satisfying your demands.

If I visit your nursery, will I have to buy something?

A: No, you won’t. With your visit we will receive something precious: your opinion. Your point of view is very important because it pushes us to improve.
The purchase is subordinate to awareness of the quality.

Is visiting in person the nurseries of Pistoia really important?

A: Yes, it is. Visiting in person the nursery district of Pistoia is particularly interesting. One of the most common mistakes made by our customers is to believe that the plants of Pistoia are always the same and, once seen, nothing changes. WRONG!
Every year this sector is modernised: for example this year we have a new range of very nice multi-stem plants, a wide choice of big specimens in airpot and a large selection of plants on frame. For garden centres we also have new varieties of Photinia, nandina, Ilex crenata and much more…
A visit is the best way to prove in person the quality of a plant. Every plant is different from the others so a picture is not enough and choosing personally is always a very important advantage.